Breaking Patterns Workbook


This E-book contains 6 tools, each “tool” is one of my personal favourites. They have been tried, tested and delivered on the promise for you to simply feel better.

The tools include:
Journal prompts
Self-soothing techniques
3min guided meditation
CBT thought Diary
Anxiety Hacks

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Your Self-Love, Breaking Patterns Workbook!
You must be here because a flame inside of you has been ignited, something shifted. Well done for listening and for wanting to change!

Life has not been easy, especially amidst a pandemic. There has been change outside of our control and for anyone suffering with a Mental Illness, Disordered Eating or Addiction it has only at times made things worse.

Whether you have landed here to gain freedom from Food and Diet Culture, Disordered eating or Personal growth, I am so glad that you have arrived.